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Bebe's Live Shows!

If you get a chance to see Bebe live, don't miss it! Her live shows are legendary and don't be surprised if you see a legend or two in attendance. Never one to disappoint and always one to surprise and delight the audience, her performances are high energy and rooted in real rock and roll.

RETROSEXUAL can be ordered at

Did you know....

Bebe is the mother of actress Liv Tyler. Even after Bebe no longer lived with Todd Rundgren, the musician was a father to Liv as she grew up. Eventually she would come to know her real father was Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

Today Liv has two dads. Her "spiritual" father Rundgren maintains he has five children - including Liv.

Rebel Heart: An American Rock 'n' Roll Journey

Bebe's autiobiography is a wildly entertaining book detailing her extended adolesence as a star in the New York underground, and the long, bumpy road to adulthood.

As you'll see from the paperback, Rebel Heart was a New York Times bestseller and named "The tell-all book of the year" by critic Liz Smith. Not to mention stellar praise from Cameron Crowe, Newsweek, and Led Zeppelin/Aerosmith biographer Stephen Davis. Details Magazine dubbed Bebe "The Queen Of The Rock Chicks" and Vanity Fair has called her a "legendary beauty". Her remarkable life is captured, only barely, on the pages of this book.

You can buy Rebel Heart, co-written with Victor Bockris, in all good bookshops or at Just search 'Bebe Buell' in all products. There you will find other books that include Bebe and her rereleased CD "Retrosexual".

Bebe also features heavily in Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk (Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain) and High On Rebellion: Inside The Underground At Max's Kansas City (Yvvone Sewell-Ruskin)

Almost Famous

Cameron Crowe based his wonderful heroine Penny Lane on two personalities he had met in the early seventies. A young girl he knew from the Northwest named Pennie Trumble and the also very young Bebe Buell. Cameron and Bebe became friends when he toured with Todd Rundgren in 1973 while writing a story on him for Rolling Stone Magazine.

In the extended DVD version of Almost Famous, Cameron talks about how Bebe inspired some of Penny's lines in the film. He also named the lead singer, played by Jason Lee, in the ficticious band Stillwater none other than "Jason Bebe".

Once again another salute to Bebe and her presence during those innocent, golden years of rock and roll.

See the "press clips" for a scan of Bebe & Cameron interviewing each other for the Oscar magazine "Red Carpet" that was given out at the ceremony. It is from the same year he won the Academy Award for "Best Screenplay".